Czech Knowledge Transfer Office

The CKTO provides the public with information services from the field of research and development. For this reason CKTO manages a database of more than 100 experts from various areas of research and innovation who are prepared to answer special inquires and respond to requests from both institutions and individual persons from the academic and entrepreneurial sphere.
The Czech Knowledge Transfer Office was established by decision of the EACR Council in 2001. A professional workplace was thus created satisfying plans of the long-term programme of EACR: Science for Practice – the aim of which is an overall improvement of implementation of research results aimed at development of the national economy.
The target of the CKTO is to create a positive environment and favourable conditions for the support of easier involvement of Czech scientists and technical experts in international projects and research and technology cooperation. The Engineering Academy of the Czech Republic through a network of its international contacts supports the collaboration of Czech R&D institutions with foreign experts. Another objective is to enable the scholar public to learn about possibilities of financial support in boosting their international cooperation.
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