Awards Recently Presented

Award for 2019

The award for 2019 in the category for an outstanding project was presented for



DIFA jet weaving maching for the industrial production of distance fabrics with large and variable distances


to a team of VUTS Liberec led by Ing. Petr Karel, Ph.D.


A picture of the DIFA machine can be seen here


By presenting the award the EA CR appreciated the design and execution of the unique DIFA jet weaving machine for fully automated industrial production of special 3D fabrics called distance fabrics, i.e. fabrics with large and variable distances. The entire 3D structure of the distance fabric is created by the machine simultaneously in a discontinuous weaving process.


The new jet weaving machine with a pneumatic picking system contains modified standard operational blocks of a weaving machine necessary for the implementation of the weaving process and also absolutely new unique electronically controlled mechanisms of the creation of a distance fabric. The DIFA jet weaving mchine is controlled by a newly developed comprehensive electronic controlling system. The controlling system enables continuous monitoring of the weaving technology and operational diagnostics of the machine due to external communication by means of VNC Klient and Ethernet. The weaving machine fulfills the present requirements of Industry 4.0.


The DIFA machine enables automatic manufacture of distance fabrics from high-strength polyester fibres with distances of the basic fabrics ranging from 120 to 500 mm whilst maintaining structural properties and high quality of the fabrics. In addition with an option which permits continuous setting of the distance during the weaving process. This means that it is pssible not only to create parallel shapes with a constant distance but also shapes with a variable distance, e.g. in the form of wedges and arcs and their combinations – and all according to a model stored in the control system of the weaving machine.

The use of distance fabrics is expected also in the sphere of producers of manipulation and extrication equipment


Sponsors of the EA CR Award are
The Preciosa Foundation
And the journal MM Industrial Spectrum

Award for 2018

The award  for 2018 in the category for an outstanding project was presented for  




A bridge over the Chomutovka valley on road I/27 on the bypass of Velemyšleves   




to a team of the Novák & Partner Co.Ltd. 

led by Ass. Prof. Ing. Lukáš Vráblík, Ph.D.







By presenting the Award the EA CR appreciated the design and execution of the bridge structure which with its range, geometric parameters (length of spans, height of pillars)

and procedure of building of a unique bridge structure designed with application of several calculation models which made it possible to create a materially balanced

and slender structure which is an evidence of the high level of bridge engineering in the Czech Republic.


The structure of the bridge is fitted with permanent stable points, which during building made it possible to perform measurements and monitoring of the geometry

of the bridge serving for the calibration of models with respect to the real effects of the final shaping of concrete on the behaviour of the structure. It is also fitted with

tensiometers for  long-time monitoring of the behaviour of the bridge structure during building and operation and allows calibration of contemporary mathematical

models of the rheological  properties of concrete, long-time losses of prestressing and the long-time effect of concrete and  prestressing reinforcement.

The long-time monitoring of the structure will thus be an essential contribution to the development of the theory and technology of building of bridges and also for

the future designs of bridge structures of this type.




Sponsors of the EA CR Award are

 The Preciosa Foundation

and the journal  MM Industrial Spectrum



Award for 2017


The award for 2017 in the category for an outstanding project was presented for


A small run-of-the-river hydroelectric power station with a siphon swirl turbine


to a team from the Power Engineering Institute
of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering,
Technical University, Brno

led by Prof. Ing. František Pochylý, CSc., FEng.



The siphon variant of a swirl turbine for the utilization of the energy of water flowing over weirs is based on the fact that the turbine has no guider. It comprises only an impeller, a shaft and a generator. The turbine is of the self-service type. The hydraulic section is designed to enable the machine at the moment of start to operate at a synchronous operating speed as a pump. This causes  flooding of the siphon with water and the machine is automatically transferred into the generator, i.e. turbine rigime.   The machine can be stopped very easily – again fully automatically by means of an air-inlet valve located at the highest point of the transfer elbow. Because the siphon arrangement does not require a turbine room, the building expenses are minimum. This concept can exploit the energy of water flowing over a weir with minimum financial investment. Owing to the operating conditions - hydraulic efficiency up to 86% and a greater through-flow  - swirl turbines are fit for use on rivers already from a surface slope of 1 m.

The project of a small run-of-the-river hydraulic power station with a siphon-based swirl turbine was implemented in the Želina locality. This was the world premiere of the concept of a low-cost swirl turbine for run-of-the river hydroelectric power stations. The power station was put into operation on July 1, 2016.

Sponsors of the EACR Award are  

the Preciosa Foundation and the journal MM Industrial Spectrum



Award for 2016

 The award for 2016 in the category for an outstanding project was presented for


  A System of Road Traffic Constructions of the Prague City Ring Road in the Myslbekova St. – Pelc Tyrolka Section


to a team from METROSTAV, J.S.C.

led by

 Ing. Miloslav Hadrava, FEng.



By presenting the award the EACR appreciated the realization of a system of road constructions – The Blanka Tunnel Complex – designed to releave a significant part of the capital from heavy traffic. The Blanka Tunnel Complex is an extensive technical and organizationally complicated structural system. It required cooperation of many teams from various investors and suppliers and teams of project engineers. The implementation was exceptionally complex also due to the fact that traffic restraints in Prague had to be minimized. The team from METROSTAV finished the the construction successfully. The advanced technologies used in the costruction took full account of the complex geological conditions. From a technical viewpoint the Blanka Tunnel Complex is by one generation ahead of tunnela previously built in Prague. The system of traffic constrol in the tunnel compex guarantees high safety and fluency of traffic and the ventilation system is expceptionally environmentally friendly. The project showed the ability of Czech project engineers and suppliers to build such a masterpiece which which was monitored with great interest even from abroad.



Sponsors of the EACR Award are


the Preciosa Foundation and the journal MM Industrial Spectrum

Award for 2015

The award for 2015 in the category for an outstanding project was presented to a team led by Ing. Jiří Petrák,    


Design of a new bridge over the river Vltava in Prague-Troja




   By presenting the award the EACR appreciated the design of this significant and daring bridge construction which applied  hitherto unused mutual bonding of structural elements comprising a steel arch and a prestressed bridge deck interconnected by means of a  steel suspension  network. The arrangement and profiling of the bridge with a 200,4 m span is unique on a global scale. The EACR Council also appreciated the fact that the product is an example of the combination of the correct static function and the significantly positive effect of the functional and external appearance.


Partner of the EACR Award for 2015 – Preciosa Foundation

Sponsors – Metrostav, J.S:C. ; MM Průmyslové spektrum



Award for 2014

 The award for 2014 was presented in the category for an outstanfing project to a team of designers from VÚTS (Research Institute of Textile Machines) J.S.C. , Liberec, headed by Ing. Petr Jiráček, Ph.D.


Cam grinding machine BRV-300 CNC


By presenting this award the EACR appreciated the advanced concept of this machine tool which unites technological processes of precision milling, measurement and subsequent grinding and quenching of cams. A 3-axis control system was developed for this mechine. The exceptionality of the system of the cam grinding machine, the concept of which was developed at VÚTS is based on the fact that another way how to control the motion of production axes is to use two interconnected electronic cams. The system also processes the values of eccentricity of placing of the cam on the rotational axis C and transforms it into the coordinate system of the machine. The values of the output driving registers are generated in a PLC user defined function. The outline of the cam is measured without having to remove the cam from the machine and the measured values are used to correct production data generated by the user defined function. Precision milling and measurement of the shape without removing the machined part from the machine tool simplifies production and makes it possible to achieve higher accuracy of milling and hence reduction of the grinding allowance.


Partner of the EACR Award for 2014 – Preciosa Foundation

Sponsors – Metrostav,J.S:C. ; MM Průmyslové spektrum

Award for 2013
The award for 2013 was presented in the category for an outstanding project to a team of designers of steel structures of open pit mining equipment from NOEN, J.S.C.Uničov, headed by Ing. Jan Marek, CSc. "Steel Structure of Bucket Wheel Excavator KK 1300".
By presenting this award the EACR appreciated the statical, dynamic, form and strength optimization of the design of a new, type K1300 bucket wheel excavator. In contrast to an older, type K2000, equally powerful excavator, the weight of the new type was reduced by 11% and the production costs also by 11%, which represent a total cost reduction of CZK 158 mio.
The KK1300 is the first bucket wheel excavator dynamically tuned from the beginning of its development  in a way ensuring that the operating frequencies of the bucket crowding including further harmonic frequencies exhibit the highest possible rigidity when the bucket is engaged in the cut. In addition the KK1300 excavator is equipped with a specially tunmed and damped operator´s cabin suspension and a switch room which protect the operator and the expensive electrical equipment from vibrations. After a two-year pilot operation at the Doly Bílina mining company, the function of the KK1300 excavator was rated excellent. It is expected that in the nearest future this type of excavator could be a good export commodity of Czech engineering industry.
Award for 2012
The award for 2012 was presented to Ing.Vladimír Tvrzník, CSc. and collaborators Ing.Zdeněk Batala and Ing.Václav Krch for an oustandingly implemented project :”Restoration of Charles Bridge in Prague – End of Engineering Renovations – II. Phase – Restoration of the Superstructure”.
By presenting this award the EACR appreciated the project and implementation of the restoration of the superstructure of the historical Charles Bridge in Prague, namely the original and advanced design and technology applied in the restoration. The benefits of the project are new and original knowledge and applications from the field of civil engineering constructions and materials, bridge building, geotechnics and care for monuments. The created work of art is an example of coherence of the correct static function with an oustanding positive monumental effect.
Award for 2011
The award for 2011 was presented in the category for an outstanding project to Ing. Milan Šístek and a team from Novák and Partner Co.Ltd. for a successfully implemented project : “ Cantilever Concreted Part of a Bridge over The Berounka River Valley on a Circle Road Around Prague on Construction Site No.514“. By presenting this award the EACR appreciated the project and construction of a bridge with exceptional significance and a unique aesthetic form and the advanced design of the bridge structure made of prestressed concrete based on the application of original new knowledge of the theory of structures. New state of the art technological processes were applied in the construction of the bridge which enabled to optimize the complicated traffic situation in the vicinity of the construction site of the bridge and thus to achieve a substantial decrease of the costs of the construction.
In 2011 the EACR also awarded an Honorary Recognition to the team from LINET, Co.Ltd led by Ing. Tomáš Kolář for a successfully implemented project : “Multicare – an Intelligent Hospital Bed of the Future“. By awarding this Honorary Recognition the EACR appreciated a new generation hospital bed which in a contactless way is capable of monitoring the immediate state of the patient and to give account of this state to the medical personnel. It can monitor the patient´s environment and react to arising risks, some of which it can by itself modify and/or eliminate.
Award for 2010
The award for 2010 was presented to a team from TOSHULIN, J.S.C. led by Prof. Dr. Jiří Marek for the project :“Second-Generation POWERTURN 1600 Turning Centre“. The second-generation POWERTURN 1600 turning centre is the result of an innovative process based on industrial research and development performed at TOSHULIN,J.S.C. By presenting this award the Engineering Academy appreciated the innovation of numerous components of this state of the art machine, namely the original use of concrete for the stand and bed instead of část iron, the use of hydrostatic guideways of the vertical and horizontal motion axes and the newly developed automatic tool exchange system with a manipulator. This led to a marked improvement of a number of parameters of this machine tool namely of its thermal and vibrational stability and also of its accuracy. The paramount results of the accuracy and performance of the POWERTURN 1600 turning centre were verified in the aerospace industry in the production of aircraft jet engines.
In 2010 the EACR also awarded an Honorary Recognition to a team of the Mott MacDonald Co.Ltd. led by Ing. Marek Foglkar, Ph.D. fot the project : “ Bridges on the Two-level Interconnection of Road No. II/468 with the Industrial Zone in Třinec Baliny“. By awarding the Honorary Recognition the EACR appreciated the structure of the bridge which for the first time in the Czech Republic introduced an original, advanced and optimized structural arrangement of an extremely loaded bridge, verified by statical analysis using state of the art methods of structural theory and built applying an original technological process. Concerned are the interconnection of research and its subsequent practical application in the field of engineering constructions and an experimental construction for a subsequent, absolutely unique, application of such a structural system on a newly designed bridge in Prague-Troja. Among benefits are general knowledge from the field of theory of building constructions and materials, bridge construction and sustainable development. The project demonstrates high functionality, very favourable economic factors (saving of material, speed of construction, construction with minimum limiting of traffic (on overpassed roads) and a significant improvement of the environment.
Award for 2009
The award for 2009 was presented in the category “Outstanding implemented engineering project” to Ing. Vladimir Brejcha, FEng. and a team of engineers from SMP CZ J.S.C. and VALBEK, Co.Ltd. for a successfully implemented project : “Ecoducts made of Lamellar Glued Wood Arched Girders” on the D1 motorway Mengusovce-Janovce in Slovakia. The EACR by this award appreciated the original structure of the “environmental” bridge verified by using state of the art methods of structural theory and built using unique technical procedures. The project exhibits high functionality, very favourable economic factors (material saving, speed of erection with minimum limiting of traffic on the overpassed road) and sensitive blending with the landscape. Significant assets of the project are also general the knowledge gained from project GACR 103/00/1170 “Ecoducts – Elements of Sustainable Development in the Building of Roads” initiated by the EACR. Fellows of the Civil Engineering and Architecture professional section of the EACR were significantly involved in the investigation of the project.
The EACR in 2009 also awarded Honorary Recognitions:
The first went to the Group of Computer Vision of the Department of Automation and Measuring Technology of FEKT, TU Brno headed by Ing. Ilona Kalova, Ph.D. for the project: “Intelligent Systems in Engineering Applications”. The EACR appreciated the successful implementation of visual systems based on modern methods of image processing in a number of applications in industry and systems of traffic monitoring.
The second went to a team of engineers from Vitkovice Cylinders J.S.C. headed by Ing. Jaromir Siler for the project: “Production of Pressure Vessels for CNG – Production Line”. The EACR appreciated the successful implementation of the production of large volume pressure vessels based on the unique extrusion technology. Pressure vessels for natural gas for automobiles are produced by this method. The EACR thus also appreciated the significant environmental impact of this project.