International workshop of Platform "Engineering Education", Prague May 28,2015 - Presentations and Discussion


  The  workshop took place at the Congress Centre of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
                                       (CTU in Prague) Technická 4, 166 07 Prague 6-Dejvice
The workshop was opened by the Platform chairman Prof.Ing. Petr Zuna,CSc. D.Eng.h.c., the Rector of the Czech Technical University in Prague Prof.Ing.Petr Konvalinka, CSc. and the Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (CTU in Prague) Prog.Ing.Michael Valášek, DrSc.
The moderator of the programme was  Ass.Prof.Ing. Josef Koubek, CSc.




Presentations: (open presentation by clicking  on its title)     


Petr Zuna (EACR):  Selected  Topics in Engineering Education

2.     Peter Goodhew (RAEng):  The Future of Engineering Education: Doing it Differently

3.     Michael Valášek (EACR):  Educational Trends in Engineering for Hard and Soft Skills

4.     Zdeněk Vostracký (UWB Plzeň):  The Art of Engineering Education

5.     Leszek Wojnar (Krakow Univ. of Technology):  Engineering Education – Quantity vs. Quality

6.     Petr Konvalinka (EACR ) :   Mission of CTU in Prague in Technical Education

7.     Radek Špicar (CICR) :  2015 – Year of Industry and Technical Education


                      B  r  e  a  k


Ivan Šiman (EACR):  How do Engineers think ? Some Ideas from Britain and Germany.

9.     Janez Možina (IAS) :  Technology Education Networks – A Possible Way to Augment the Laboratory Experience

10.  Beatrice Huber (SATW) :  STEM Careers Barometer Switzerland

11.  Pere Brunet (RAIN) :  Increasing the Interest on Engineering Education: Some Data from Spain


Guests:          Petar Petrovic (Academy of Engineering Sciences of Serbia)

                Jacqueline Lecourtier (National Academy of Technologies of France; Euro-CASE)



    The main points of the discussion are available here.









7 Jun 2015